Australiana - Scrub Turkey Brooch.


This brooch is handmade in my studio and features two industrial magnets which are super strong. Your clothes will never have holes again.


The versatility of the magnets also make this brooch an awesome scarf pin, shoe decoration, hat pin, jacket pin or hair accessory. So get creative!!

Recycled copper have been hand forged using a texturing hammer to create this unique square texture.


Each scrub turkey measures approximately 50mm tall and 45mm wide. 


The brooch comes with a blacken patina finish, adding to the character and charm. 


The patina will wear off over time, revealing the rose gold natural finish of the copper.  If you would like to re-apply the patina finish then contact Jemica and she will arrange to re-patina the brooch for you.


All Meekz jewellery comes with complimentary gift wrapping.


PLEASE NOTE: If you have a pacemaker then this brooch is NOT suitable for you as it could interfer with the machine's performance.  The brooch can also be a choking hazard for small children so please take care!

Australiana - Scrub Turkey Brooch