Dugong Key Chain 


This key chain is handmade in my studio and features a stainless steel key ring which is super strong.

Made from recycled Aluminium.


Each design starts out from a sketched drawing. It is then transferred to the metal using a template I've traced around and then precisely hand cut using my hand saw and a super fine saw blade. Each piece is then hand stamped using a centre punch and hammer to add the face details.


The edges are then filed smooth, a hole drilled and countersunk to remove any burs. All surfaces are then sanded to remove any scratches and polished using various grades to reveal a shiny finish. The key ring is then added and each key chain is given a final hand polishing to complete the design.


This key chain measures approximately 100mm tall and 25mm wide and are very light weight. 


They come in a natural finish, no added polish or wax has been added to the surface, so the metal will age over time adding to the character and charm.


If you prefer your key chain to maintain a bright shiny appearance you will need to keep cleaning it regularly using Silvo. (See Cleaning Tips for more information.)


Choose from Ready to Ship (already made) & Made to Order (made within 7 - 10 days of purchase)


All Meekz jewellery comes with complimentary gift wrapping

Dugong Key Chain