Hanging Plant Brooch - Christmas Cactus.


This brooch is handmade in my studio and features two industrial magnets which are super strong.  Your clothes will never have holes ever again.

(1kg pulling power per magnet).


The versatility of the magnets also make this brooch an awesome scarf pin, shoe decoration, hat pin, jacket pin or hair accessory.  So get creative!!


Made from recycled Aluminium, this Christmas Cactus Brooch is intricately handmade. 


Each design starts out from a sketched drawing.  It is then transferred to the metal using a template I've traced around and then precisely hand cut using my hand saw and a super fine saw blade.  Each piece is then hand stamped using various metal stamps and hammers to add the cactus  details. 


Each edge is then filed smooth, all surfaces are sanded to remove any scratches and polished using various grades to reveal a shiny finish.  The metal on the back of the brooch is then scratched / keyed and wiped clean using metho. One of the industrial magnets is then also keyed and wiped clean. Industrial jewellers glue is then applied to both surfaces and pressed together removing all air bubbles and left to cure for up to 3 days. Each brooch is then machine polished again to remove any tarnish or glue, given a final hand polishing and the second magnet added before they are ready for their new owners.


This brooch measures approximately 80mm tall and 20mm wide and is very light weight.


Each brooch comes in a natural finish, adding to the character and charm. 


If you would like to keep its bright natural finish you will need to regularly clean the brooch using silvo.  (See the care instructions page for more information)


All Meekz jewellery comes with complimentary gift wrapping


PLEASE NOTE: If you have a pacemaker then this brooch is NOT suitable for you as it could interfer with the machine's performance.  The brooch can also be a choking hazard for small children so please take care!

Hanging Plant Brooch - Christmas Cactus

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