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    Bow Tie perfection!

    These bow ties will add a level of sophistication to any suit.

    Each one is hand textured and cut out, sanded, polished, industrial magnets are then attached and the piece is finished with black recycled leather.

    Available in three shapes - round flat edge, triangle and round. Please leave a message with your choice.

    Made from a combination of recycled copper or brass, industrial magnets and black recycled leather.   


    Available in a natural finish (left to tarnish/age) or with a patina (surface treated with an oxide), which adds depth and colour. 

    Choose from a variety of patterns including squares, crosshatching, dots, large X's, large snowflakes and large squares.

    Each bow tie measures approximately 135mm in length, 60mm in width and 12mm depth.

    Product Care for your Magnetic Bow Tie:

    - To separate, slide both magnets in opposite directions (pulling power of both magnets together - 2 kilos).

    - Do Not allow your magnets to slam together. They may shatter or break due to their brittleness.


     WARNING!!!!    Do NOT wear my magnetic bow ties if using a pacemaker due to possible interference with the machine’s performance.


    Metal Colour / Finish
    Texture / Patterns
    Bow Shape