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    Edgy and eco-conscious, these stud earrings will set you apart from the crowd.


    Made from a repurposed Road Signs, no two pairs will ever be the same. 


    Blue / Black - 'Drive Safely' Road Sign

    Yellow / Black - 'Crest' Road Sign

    White / Black Reflective - '40 KM' Road Sign

    Red Reflective - '40 KM' Road Sign


    Handmade in my studio each sign is cut by hand and filed smooth.  A copper backing is then measured to size, hand cut and filed smooth, before sterling silver posts are soldered onto the back.  Each pair is then given a quick polish before being dipped in a patina and partially sanded back. The sign is then glued into place, allowed to dry for a day and the claws on the copper back are then bent up and over to form the setting.


    Each stud earring measures approximately 15mm wide and 13mm high.


    They feature 0.8mm sterling silver posts that are very strong and durable when worn.


    These studs can also be made using Sterling Silver instead of Copper if you prefer.




    Please note the item in the picture is a sample only and that the Road sign pattern or colour line placement will vary from item to item, adding to the uniqueness of the range.


    Road Sign Choice
    Backing Metal Choice