Statement Abstract Geometric Necklace - Green.

This necklace is handmade in my studio from a combination of recycled Aluminium, Aluminium Paint Swatch and Copper and features a stainless steel chain.


Using the traditional hand forging skills of hammer texturing, I have created this unique combination of textures. 


This necklace measures approximately 60mm in width and the total length including chain is 455mm.


These necklace comes in a natural finish, no added polish or wax has been added to the surface, so the metal will age over time.  Care should be taken with the Green Paint Swatches as I did not create them and the paint can chip off over time.


If you prefer the pendent to maintain a bright shiny appearance you will need to keep cleaning it regularly using Brasso (See Cleaning Tips for more information.)  Use only water and a soft cloth on the paint swatches.


All Meekz jewellery come with free gift wrapping.

Statement Abstract Geometric Necklace - Green

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