Architecturally Abstract.

This necklace is handmade in my studio from a combination of Recycled Aluminium and Orange Paint Swatch and features Sterling Silver rivets with a Stainless Steel chain.

Using traditional hand forging skills, I have hand cut each layer in both metals.  I have then filed back all corners and sanded and polished the Aluminium.  Next holes were drilled in both layers and sterling silver rivets added to join both layers together.   Finally a stainless steel chain was added to complete the necklace.

The pendant comes with a naturally aging finish. The metal is left to tarnish at its own pace. 

This style of necklace is designed with a continuous long chain and is worn as a signature piece on any outfit.

The pendant measures approximately 85mm wide and 80mm long. The pendant and chain when worn hang approximately 400mm in length.


If you prefer the alumihium to maintain a bright shiny appearance you will need to keep cleaning it regularly using Silvo (See Cleaning Tips for more information.) The Orange Paint swatch should not be cleaned using brasso.  If cleaning is needed soft cloth and warm water is suggsted.


All Meekz jewellery come with free gift wrapping.


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