ring sizing


All my rings are made to order. I pride myself in designing rings that are custom made to suit each client and this includes custom sizing.  I recommend making an appointment or dropping into the studio to have your ring sized correctly measured by me, or alternatively heading along to one of my market stalls to be sized.    


Why come to me you say? Because every jeweller does things 'their own way' - there are a lot of different ring sizing systems and tools used to measure your size and this doesn't always correspond from jeweller to jeweller.



















If you cannot make it to me personally no problem!  I recommend visiting a couple of different jewellers to get your ring size.  If you can get two different jewellers to agree on the same size, then you can be pretty confident that it's the right one.  


Alternatively you can purchase one of my Ring Sizers for $5.00 (including postal delivery) which will give you a pretty good size (though not perfect).  I will then take my matching ring sizer and align your size up with my tools and I have your size.


Purchasing a ring for the first time?  Never worn a ring before?  Not sure if the ring you had made is the correct size? No problem! Wearing a ring for the first time can be a weird sensation, feel uncomfortable and even sometimes feel like it's too small. Make an appointment and I will happily help you through the process.  I recommend wearing your ring for up to 2 weeks before ordering a resize, as you may find it becomes comfortable over time.  I charge $25 per ring (plus postage) for resizing and can only be done on my round rings, as I cannot resize my octagon rings.


Sizing rings is a tricky business, even with the correct size, correct tools and know how, it doesn't always go to plan.  Ring sizes can change due to the weather, temperature, what we eat or drink or even when we gain or lose a few kilos.  I do my best to ensure the perfect size for all my customers every time, but I can only go on the sizing information you provide, so the more detail the better.

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